2nd Sunday of Advent

Transforming the human landscape, like the task of smoothing the desert hills and valleys, is an enormous undertaking, truly the work of God. Yet God looks for partners in this transformation.

John the Baptist, and Jesus afterward, called followers to participate in God’s work, and to begin with repentance. We the Church respond to this call today, and acknowledge our ongoing need for God’s mercy and forgiveness. Our Advent preparation for Christmas includes opening our hearts to God’s forgiveness, so that Jesus might come to take residence there. We join in God’s earth-moving project by repenting of how we block God’s path with resentments and fears. When we are brought low in our lives, we seek God’s help, and God will enlist the help of others. When we realize that we reside on mountains of advantage or privilege that place others in valleys, we are to repent and to change how we live. When we bring healing and justice to others, we are sharing in God’s earth-shaking work, and preparing a straight pathway for our God.

Today’s Readings: Bar 5:1–9; Ps 126:1–2, 2–3, 4–5, 6; Phil 1:4–6, 8–11; Lk 3:1–6

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