2nd Sunday of Easter

Our Gospel reading today depicts the disciples in a terrifying moment.

They have locked their doors, huddling together in safety at a time when the Lord has transformed the entire course of human events. Jesus has risen from the dead. He has destroyed death and unlocked eternal life. But who can fully grasp all of this? Not even Thomas, one of the twelve devoted companions of Jesus, understands what has happened. Those of us who have never faced maltreatment for our faith can only imagine the disciples’ panic. Unimpeded by their bolted doors, Jesus visits his frightened friends. His appearance must have been shocking, since he says to them “Peace be with you” not once, but twice. If the disciples hoped Jesus would come back to them, they might have wished he would appear as a victorious leader or glorious king. Instead, he comes as they have known him and most need him: as a companion, and he brings with him the eternal peace of God. They might have wanted a bodyguard; instead he gives them peace.

Today’s Readings: Acts 5:12–16; Ps 118:2–4, 13–15, 22–24; Rev 1:9–11a, 12–13, 17–19; Jn 20:19–31

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