The mission of the Sacred Heart Cemetery Board is to provide a sacred burial place for families of our parish; to interface with funeral directors and monument companies to ease the burial process for families.

Andrew Breuer
(913) 915-5091

Bobby Kissinger
(913) 645-9810

Steve Miller
(913) 238-2666

Connie Putthoff
(913) 669-5538

Kerry Putthoff
(785) 423-5458

John Reischman
(913) 845-2531

Rick Reischman
(913) 369-9817


Duties of Cemetery Board Members:

- Maintain map/drawing of burials and sale of graves

- Establish general rules and governance's for cemetery

- Arrange for routine maintenance of grounds such as mowing and grave stone maintenance.

- Assist families with the task of identifying and or purchasing a grave-site

- Sell grave-sites, mark graves for burial and mark headstone locations

- Provide annual reports

- Collect funds for church and arrange for payment of all bills

- Interface with funeral directors, grave diggers and monument companies as necessary