Pentecost Sunday

The feast of Pentecost invites us to reflect prayerfully upon the Holy Spirit. Our readings today reveal three distinct views of the Holy Spirit.

In Acts, the Spirit moves powerfully and unpredictably, sometimes in disorienting ways, to renew the world. In Paul, the Spirit unites the church in Jesus into one body, and provides many varied and complementary gifts to the church. In John, the Spirit continues the healing and forgiving presence of Jesus, and empowers his followers to extend the ministry of Jesus to the whole world. Pentecost teaches us that the Holy Spirit speaks and acts in many ways: to comfort us, to shake us up, and to open us to something new. Always, the Spirit is communicating God’s love. Just like those who first heard God’s proclamation in many languages, we might hear the Spirit who penetrates our hearts, speaking the many languages of love.

Today’s Readings: Acts 2:1–11; Ps 104:1, 24, 29–30, 31, 34; 1 Cor 12:3b–7, 12–13 or Gal 5:16–25; Jn 20:19–23 or Jn 15:26–27; 16:12–15

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