Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

Today we prepare to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus. Isaiah reminds us of the suffering that Jesus will endure.

He says Jesus will not be disgraced or put to shame, but we know that there will be humiliation at the hands of others. The psalm recalls the fear and sorrow as we repeat over and over Jesus’ words of anguish and abandonment. Philippians describes Jesus’ humility and the exaltation that will follow. But it is Mark who takes us through the last days of Jesus’ life, the ordinary and the extraordinary. He describes the meal shared with the one who will betray him; his anguished prayers with friends who cannot stay awake and will later deny him; his treatment at the hands of priests, elders, soldiers; and finally his death and the recognition that truly Jesus is the Son of God.

Today’s Readings: Is 50:4–7; Ps 22:8–9, 17–18, 19–20, 23–24; Phil 2:6 –11; Mk 14:1 — 15:47 [15:1–39]

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