Registration Day


Religious Education


Registration Day


Sunday, August 20, following the 10:30 mass


Hotdogs will be provided. 


                          12:30 - General RE informational meeting 


                          12:45 - 2nd Grade (1st Communion) meeting in the 2nd grade classroom

                          12:45 - 6th-12th grade meeting in the Worship Center


Come register your children, learn about new changes for our program, 

and pick up necessary information to keep you on track for the year while the kids enjoy the 

water slides.



Our Teachers


PRESCHOOL - Ellie Braun, Marian Pray, Emma Rawlings, and Cora Lanza

KINDERGARTEN - Bailey Shirley and Maureen Wetta

1st GRADE - Dana Jessup

2nd GRADE - Stephanie Thompson

3rd & 4th GRADE - Evan & Allison Dean

5th GRADE - Madee Walker & Sue Walker

6th GRADE - Carla Jung


7th GRADE - Jay Thompson


Confirmation - Jennifer Eastes & Nancy Lanza


High School - Trey & Janet Falk

Sacred Heart Catholic Church
1100 West Street P.O. Box 539
Tonganoxie, KS 66086
(913) 369-2851