Pastoral Council Mission

The mission of the Pastoral Council is to serve as a consultative group to the pastor, to assist him in fostering pastoral activities and in providing for the continued spiritual growth of parish life. The Council consists of a number of subcommittees and councils including the Finance Council, Building Committee, Cemetery Committee, and Liturgy Committee. Council elections will be announced in the parish bulletin and are open to all parish members.



1. The mission of the Pastoral Council is to serve as a consultative group to the pastor, to assist him in fostering pastoral activities and in providing for the continued growth of parish life.

2. The council elections will take place on the last weekend of June.

3. The parish will elect one man and one woman each June.

4. Each council member will serve a three year term.

5. No Pastoral Council member may serve more than two consecutive terms.

6. The parish bulletin will announce the elections a month before they take place.   Members of the parish will have the opportunity to place their names on the ballot.

7. The council will normally meet at a regularly scheduled time each month at the Parish Center.

8. Council meeting times and places are subject to change due to schedule conflicts. A portion of each meeting will be open for visitors and guests.

9. In order for the council to conduct business, a minimum of four council members must be in attendance.

10. In the event of a tie vote, the parish priest will cast the deciding vote.

11. In the event that a council member cannot fulfill his or her term, the council will select a member of the parish to replace that Pastoral Council member.

12. In the event that any council member does not attend at least half of the regular council meetings in a year, the council has the authority to remove the absent member from the council and to select another parishioner to fulfill that member's term.

13. At the first council meeting following the June elections, the council will elect a President, Vice-President, and Secretary.

14. The Pastor will select three parishioners to serve on the Finance Council.

15. Each Finance Council member's term will be at the discretion of the pastor. These positions are staggered so that only one position becomes vacant per rotation.

16. The Finance Council will be responsible for preparation of financial reports and statements.

17. The Finance Council will work closely with the parish bookkeeper.

18. The Finance Council will be responsible for any financial reports required by the Archdiocese.

19. The Finance Council will be consulted on any major financial decision ($500 or more).

20. Any purchases of $500 or more will need final approval by the Pastoral Council.

21. The Pastoral Council has the authority to establish appropriate subcommittees.

22. All subcommittees and councils, including the Building Committee, the Liturgy Committee, the Finance Council, and the Cemetery Committee will report directly to the Pastoral Council.

Council Members

Mike Saunders - President / Facilities Liaison
(913) 845-0986

Paula Zishka - Vice President / R.E. Liaison
(913) 217-5166

Jan Morey - Secretary / Office Liaison
(785) 331-7241

Bill Graveman / Liturgy Liaison
(913) 238-0815


Bob Bender / Finance Liaison
(913) 728-2224


Alicia Hayes / Acquisitions Liaison
(913) 710-8744

Sacred Heart Catholic Church
1100 West Street P.O. Box 539
Tonganoxie, KS 66086
(913) 369-2851